Shiv Shakti Solar Center

We deals in: Solar System, Street Light (Halonix, Bajaj, Crompton), Electric Saver, Poles, Brackets Building Material, Submersible etc.

We supply LED Flood lights, LED Street lights, LED Landscape lights and all other types of lights, High mast poles with complete accessories, Dustbins and solar lights. We manufacture the brackets and other accessories used in High mast poles.

High Mast Poles

We offer a comprehensive range of High Mast Poles that is used in area lighting. High mast lighting is preferred over conventional lighting, because it can achieves very large space to height ratios. It can illuminate large areas without the need for numerous lighting columns.

Mast with continuous tapered polygonal cross section have high load bearing strength oscillation due to wind speed and related stress are fully taken care in the design.

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